This 2020, We Are Still GOOD ON YOU!

Oobi is a beautiful and thoughtful range of fashion, designed with fun, colour and movement in mind! We pride ourselves on our signature, hand-printed cotton fabrics, designed by Alexandra Riggs (or in collaboration with artists from all over the world), in Sydney, Australia since 2002.

We're honoured to be part of Good On You's 2020 Guide to Ethical Children's Clothing Brand for having achieved the TOP rating, Great -  for our ethical, environmental and humane production.

Good On You

"Oobi is an Australian girl’s fashion, swimwear, homewares and lifestyle brand. In addition to creating stylish clothes for our children, the brand makes sure it uses low-impact non-toxic dyes throughout its range. It also used no animal products and uses sea freight to transport products to reduce its climate impact."

The Good On You ethical brand rating system is based on several things, specifically People, Planet, and Animals. They look at how a brand impacts workers across the supply chain (this includes wages, safety, and labour practices), use of resources and disposal, and use of fur, leather, and other animal skin and hair in their products. You can learn more about their rating system here.

 Blue Floral Dress

Your Oobi garments are made in India, Bangladesh and China. Our factories have been independently audited by SMETA and Oobi would not work with a company that did not receive a pass if audited by a Sedex Member - that is non-negotiable. You can learn more about how Oobi is made here.

Thank you for supporting ethical brands such as Oobi! We will always strive to do our best in making sure we are good on you, all ways and always. 🌟
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