Treats This Halloween

Boo! We loved seeing the photos of your little ones (and mums) dressed up in Oobi for Halloween - it was a sweet treat for us.

Check out these boo-tiful outfits as little Oobis went trick or treating:


Angie - First time to go trick or treating and her happy face says it all!

Bron Cook

Bron - Her Halloween face paint can't hide the fact that she's too adorable!

Leanne Young

Leanne - Mums can have some Halloween fun in Oobi too! And how gorgeous is her little one dressed up as Harley Quinn?!


Lydia - With a smile this sweet, there's no doubt this little Oobi got loads of treats!


Iris - What a cutie! All set to celebrate Halloween in style.


Belinda - Looking boo-tiful in her Ghosty hat and dress.

Bec Quiet

Bec - Triple the Halloween cuteness with this trio of spookies. Hope you got lots of candies!

Christina - Love how she is showing off her treats in the Ghosty Dress.


Patty - Spooky, cute, and fun - we're sure you got a lot of treats from everyone!


Allyson - Love the pose of this adorable little Ghosty!


Julie - Looking spook-tacular in her cat ears and skirt.


Belinda - Looking adorable in her Ghosty Sweetheart Tee.

Halloween dress

Maggie - Awesome way to style the Isla Ghosty Dress and Bridgette Hat. It's giving us pirate-y feels!

Halloween dress

Alicja - Pockets for hiding treats this Halloween? Yes please! 

Thank you for sharing these adorable photos. We loved seeing each and every one of them.

The Oobis xx

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