November 27, 2017


Wow, we are always so inspired by the gorgeous girl's clothes when they hang in your little one's wardrobes. 
So much so that every now and then we have to do one of those blog stories that is really just an excuse to drool over (and have a good old sticky beak into) closets that are, frankly, better than ours!
When I was a little girl, my FAVOURITE part of playing with dolls was the clothing! And when I got my first Barbie wardrobe... well, my love affair with fashion, colour (and sparkly sparkly silly shoes) was set in cement and has never died.

Belinda - thank you for sharing, the riot of colour!!! We love. Someone looks pretty happy with her amazing pieces too. I notice a lot of mix-and-match colour, perfect for creating a magical world.

Amy... so delicious, we love how little and cute everything looks! And some of our favourite dresses there too... We can see that we've got your heart with red...

Robyn - your display is second-to-none! Everything so gorgeous and so colourful! I guess you've got a great excuse to collect your pretties with not one but two (matching) Little Oobis!

Naykita OMG this is heaven! Please can you come and organise my wardrobe too? I love a folded sweater (reminds me of the first time I traveled to the USA and went to The Gap - I was mesmerised by the folded tees so perfect!). Love how you've displayed the tutu skirts too. Wow.

Kate Gallagher - I'll take the wardrobe AND the little one if that's ok? That face says it all - MY PRETTIES!

Stefanie - all the COLOUR! We love this and a few very highly sought after pieces in there too. Super pretty collection. We loooove.

Kafula - ruffle heaven! Look at those pretty pieces for a pretty princess! What an amazing collection of dresses. Some amazing and collectible pieces too. Yum!

Rachel - Wow I think you win the stakes for the most incredibly organised accessory collection I've ever seen. I want to LIVE in there! So beautiful and displayed like artworks. I love.
Hayley - such an elegant and pretty display. Love all the hearts & polkadots - they make me pretty happy! So organised too! You are amazing.

Deanna Parry - tutus and colour and prints - oh my! Your girls must be the best dressed little ones out there and I love your choices. There are some very special pieces there. And I love how you've displayed the Darcy Skirts - like artworks!

Helen Mavro - this wardrobe is like a fairytale dream - and the little peeks at the bedroom with the vintage quilt and your amazing display of hats... We are so in love.

Nikki - Another divine collection of pretties for your pretty! Loving all the bold colours and the way you've stored all your socks and tights is so perfect. Amazing!
So... I feel like I need to give my own wardrobe an overhaul now. Feeling a little bit like I could ask some of these mamas to come over and tidy up my room too? Do you think if I asked nicely...?
Thanks again for sharing, we had so much fun going through all the pics and drooling over them a little bit too!
Al & the Oobis

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