Wild Jungle!

The Wild Jungle collection was designed to inspire and empower your little ones. The range has movement, comfort and fun, should be easy to wear but look totally pulled together and bright, any day of the week!

Our "Fierce" jacket will be her coat of armour, to take on the world and feel strong, free and like she can take on the world. The Braveheart is pretty and brave, all at once. Because nobody has to fit a mould, we should be able to march to the beat of any drum!

Our Spirited Pants might be a practical and pretty piece that sees so much wear that you'll need them in multiples - one in the wash, one on the bod! And our Dreamer dress is for wearing, contemplating, taking on the world, standing out!

Every piece has been designed to be bright, cool, comfortable and easy to move in. Because your little one should feel confident that they can do anything - and wear anything! 

We hope you love our Jungle collection - we just think it's the best fun and is what being a kid is all about!
Our Stella Swimsuit is a high-protection full-sleeve piece with a practical zipper at the front. Ruffles at the leg opening and a soft, stretch fabric, make it suitable for absolutely every body.

Sizes up to 12Y.
Stella swimsuit
Stella Swimsuit Wild Jungle
Stella Swimsuit
Stella Swimsuit Wild Jungle
With an SPF50++ extremely high sun protection, our Wren set is your perfect beach cover-up rashie and comes complete with a cute pair of adorable swim bottoms with generous cover.

Sizes up to 8Y
Wren Bikini Set
Wren Bikini Set Wild Jungle
Wren bikini set
Wren Bikini Set Wild Jungle
Penny is the most perfect and practical swimsuit for your active swimmer. Made from SPF50++ high protective material, and with adustable straps at the back (they're so cute too!) this piece will be the most worn by any mermaid this summer.

Sizes up to 10Y

Penny Swimsuit
Penny Swimsuit Wild Jungle
Penny swimsuit
Penny Swimsuit Wild Jungle


For your wild dreamer, we've created a jersey easy-to-wear dress for her to play, dream, imagine and let her mind run free.

With pockets for hiding all her precious treasures, and a comfortable style for chilling, being herself, and just feeling GOOD, this piece is going to be a favourite for sure.

Sizes up to 12Y

Blue jungle dress

Dreamer Dress Wild Jungle

Pink jungle dress

Dreamer Dress Pink Jungle

Your spirited little one is going to feel comfortable, cool and free to be active in our amazing pants. With contrast drawstrings, cuffs and pockets, they're stylish, fun and (we predict) will be worn a LOT this season!

Sizes up to 9Y (for Pink Jungle)/12Y (for Wild Jungle)
Spirited pants
Sweetheart Short Sleeved Tee Lilac + Spirited Pants Pink Jungle

Pink jungle pants
Spirited Pants Pink Jungle

Blue jungle pants

Spirited Pants Wild Jungle


Our "Fierce" jacket will be her coat of armour, to take on the world and feel strong, free and brave! It's the perfect piece for summer or winter, a great item for layering when needed, or cooler summer nights.

Sizes up to 12Y

Pink jungle jacket

Fierce Jacket Pink Jungle

Blue jungle jacket

Fierce Jacket Wild Jungle


The world is all about Wonder! It's a beautiful place to be, and we want your little one to feel amazing and free to be herself, to wear the bright colours, and hide her secret treasures in our thoughtfully placed little pockets too. She's going to love her Wonder dress because it's comfy, soft and perfect for twirling too!

Sizes up to 2Y

Pink jungle dress

Wonder Dress Pink Jungle

Blue Jungle Dress

Wonder Dress Wild Jungle

She's fun, she's fierce and she's a Braveheart! Our Braveheart dress is designed to show that little ones can be whoever they want to be. With a bold print jersey bodice, but a twirly tulle and girly skirt, it's proof that you can march to the beat of your own drum - one day princess, one day warrior, every day YOU!

Sizes up to 12Y

Braveheart Dress

Braveheart Dress Wild Jungle

 We hope you love the Wild Jungle Collection and everything it stands for. We are (and always have been) about letting kids be kids. And we love the freedom of jersey pieces - and we love to be a little bit wild too! ;)

The Oobis xox

Wild Jungle will be online 26th September.

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