October 27, 2016

Recently the beautiful Kate from "Wooden You" made some Oobi dolls for one of our Oobi mamas and she shared them in our Community Group Little Oobi Scrapbook...

It was LOVE at first sight!

Kate was kind enough to make some Oobi dolls for me! After almost 15 years of designing and screen printing fabrics, this was the most incredible legacy for Oobi. I'm so proud to own this little army of Little Oobis - the fabrics and the dresses are reminders of my years designing girl's dresses.

From the gorgeous green Celeste Dress (from my first ever summer collection!), to the Apple Jessie Dress (my first ever printed jersey), the stunning special event dress, Ella, the sweet casual skirt Dove (hearts! Love!) and a piece from my latest collection, the Angie Dress in Buzzy the Honeybee print... Sweet as honey!

Like a mother with her children, I can't possibly pick a favourite. Each piece is special and melts my heart. The attention to detail is remarkable, and I love the addition of the little headscarf on the sweet dolly in her skirt and Flutter Tee.

Please read on because Mel interviewed Kate and it's a great story!

Alex  xox

We have fallen in love with Wooden You Dolls. They are hand crafted by the beautiful Kate Marino.

 Kate is a full time working mum to two young gorgeous boys. One day searching through decorating forums for ideas for her boy’s bedrooms… a little something to fill their shadow boxes... she came across Peg Dolls. 

At this stage Kate could only import them from the United States, so she put on her DIY hat and got her paint brushes out. 

Kate says: “ I thoroughly enjoyed painting them and the boys loved their new super hero dolls. I was so proud to have made a toy for them that they loved. The word soon spread and I was painting dolls for friends and family. My clever husband came up with the name, and then 'wooden you' was established in 2015. I am continuing to work, but being a teacher means I have plenty of holidays to paint” 

We asked Kate a few questions the other day because we were dying to know:

  How long does it take you to make each doll?

This is the most asked question and the hardest to answer! It depends on the details required. They range from 20 minutes per doll right up to over an hour (by the time I wait for paint to dry, add all the tiny details and then a double coat of gloss).

What’s been your  Favourite doll to make? 

 Definitely the Oobi dolls

  Where do you get your ideas? 

 The ideas come from the customers. I am so busy with custom orders that I don't get a chance to just create. I have lots of ideas up my sleeve, but you'll just have to wait and see

What does a typical day in your life look like?

 My boys get me up at 6am we go through all the usual 'mum' stuff.... breakfast, making lunches, asking the boys to get dressed and brush their teeth a billion times. Then drop them off at kinder and I go to work. I teach Foundation/Prep students and start at 8:00am and finish between 4-5:00pm each day. Then it's pick-ups, dinner, play, bath, stories and then my other life starts.... I usually do housework, answer work emails, plan the next day at school and then sit down and paint. They're super busy days, but I run on adrenaline. Lucky I have an amazing husband that fills in all the gaps in our busy days. Just to make life busier we have been building a house this year and move in, at the end of November

What do you love best about creating Wooden You Dolls?

 I love that even the most challenging requests are achievable and make customers happy. I love hearing how happy people are with their orders and how they're used e.g. to play with, display, cake toppers. I find it very rewarding!

What is the most difficult Part of your job?

Time...I wish I had more, but school holidays are the perfect time to whip through orders

Have you always wanted to go down the creative path?

I have always had another hobby on the side but since having children I let that go. I am so happy that I pursued this and had my family supporting my creative outlet. Teaching is such a rewarding job, but it's a vocation rather than a career, therefore you need another outlet. I come from a creative family, so it's in my blood.

  These are a must have... take a look and get your amazing personalise Wooden You Dolls below:

And don't forget to check   Oobi's Facebook and Instagram (and please make sure you are a Liker/Follower) because we are going to let you know how you can WIN one of these darlings - made especially to look like your daughter in her favourite Oobidress!

For Wooden You's Details please check out:

Website: www.woodenyou.com.au

Email: kate@woodenyou.com.au

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/wooden.you

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woodenyouoz



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