Yes - We ARE Good on You!

Here at Oobi, our aim every day is to create a magical world for your child. We want children to feel and look amazing, and to find little delights everywhere they look!

Of course, it wouldn't be possible without the people behind the garments - those who work on bringing our vision to life through sewing and hand-screen printing each piece with love.

We are very proud to share that we follow an ethical and considerate pursuit of all things beautiful - from making sure that our workers are safe and treated fairly, to using only lead-free dyes on regular cotton and (limited) organic pieces, and minimising the environmental impact of our production process.

We have been awarded a 5 star rating by Good On You, a diverse and passionate team of people sharing one goal - to create a world where people’s shopping choices drive businesses to be sustainable and fair.

Their Good On You app makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to shop their values, stressing the importance of how one's shopping choices can have a huge impact on how businesses treat people, the planet, and even animals.



Oobi received the top rating, Great, from Good on You. There are three main areas that Good On You base their rating on - People, Planet, and Animals. You can read more on their rating system here.

We couldn't be happier about receiving 5 stars - a true testament to what we believe in and stand for! Thank you for supporting not just Oobi - but the people who work with us, the animals, and the planet too.

You can read more about our design process, meet the lovely makers, and more behind the scenes by clicking on the link.


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