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5 products

5 products

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Lily-Rose Jacaranda Tree Dress
$54.95 AUD
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Women's Red Gingham Dress
$89.95 AUD
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Seagull skirt
Women's Seagull Button Skirt
$69.95 AUD
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Purple flower Jacaranda dress
Uma Jacaranda Tree Women's Dress
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Regular price $129.95 AUD Sale price$49.95 AUD
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Lemon Tree dress for women
Uma Lemon Tree Women's Dress
Extra 20% Code: HAPPY
Regular price $129.95 AUD Sale price$49.95 AUD

Girls party dresses, special occasion dresses, floral and even play and daycare dresses - a designer mix of pretty, unique summer and winter dresses - for happiness. If you are looking for matching hats please click the link.

A Beautiful Selection of Girls Dresses Online

It can be a costly and tiring excursion when shopping for your children's clothes. Trying them on, making sure that they are comfortable and fit properly can be a real effort for even the most hardened shopper. 

Here at Oobi, we pride ourselves on beautiful pieces of clothing for your little ones that can be delivered right to your door, anywhere in Australia. No more shopping centres or hunting around the wracks for the right size that just never seems to be in stock. 

A Dress for any Occasion 

Our aim is to make your gorgeous girls pop, with bright colours and unique patterns in well-made dresses for all seasons. Whether it’s a girl’s party dress, a summer dress or a warmer winter dress, you can no doubt find what you’re looking for right here at our online store. We even have casual days at home and daycare dresses. 

Our “Holly” dress is a colourful summer dress classic. Adorned in bright colours, flowers and frills, this dress will bring summer to life. Then when the cooler months begin, the “Penelope” long-sleeved winter dress will keep your little one warm.

For a trip down memory lane our “cross my heart dress” will make any mum or dad remember sweet lemonade under the hot Australian summer sun.  

We Pride Ourselves on our Unique Handmade Girls Dresses 

Oobi have been hand-making our clothing for the past 20 years. Our materials are made from handmade wooden blocks and everything is hand-printed. Every clothing item is a labour of love and is a walking piece of art dedicated to our little loved ones. 

Our girl’s summer dresses are no exception, from baby girl dresses to bigger girl dresses, we aim to provide a wide range of choice. Not just in sizes, but in colours and patterns too. Oobi helps your girls do what they do best. Running, jumping and playing, in comfort and style.

For more information on our full range of girls dresses, check out our FAQ page or contact us.