Welcome to our New Site!

Hi Everyone, 

We have an exciting new site! Yay!

We want make it a fantastic experience for you, and we've also updated our blogs and Oobi World (our community page) so that you can find out what we're up to on a more regular basis. 

Thanks for visiting my own personal blog too. I'm Alex, and I started Oobi almost 15 years ago at Glebe Markets. I'm a screen-printer, illustrator and designer and I'm a passionate writer and blogger too. And anyone who knows me knows that I love to chat. So, here I am bending your ear. 

Check out my "Paris Story" - the inspiration for the designs and photos behind our new Autumn 2016 range. The pretty colours should ease you into the colder months. 

Thank you everyone for your feedback and support, it's amazing to feel so part of a wider Oobi community of mums, writers, bloggers and designers too. We really value your comments so feel free to say "Hi" any time!


Alex (and Toast my dog) xox

Welcome To Our New Site! - Alex's Design Notes | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

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