Size Guide & Care Instructions

Did you know that every Oobi Garment has individual specifications and a size guide on each product? Simply go to your favourite garment, scroll down the page, hit the drop-down tab and you will find the exact specs for every piece! However, below is our 'general' size info and of course, we are always available to chat and help. Simply drop us an email or message us.
Size Guide & Care Instructions | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion
For all Oobi Hat sizing please check the individual products :  To get the best fit for your little poppet, Using a tape measure, place it around the widest part of your head, approximately one inch above your eyebrows. The tape measure should go around where the hat will sit. If your head size fits in between sizes, choose the larger size. 
All children are different, of course. Our size guide shows height in centimetres and if your child fits into our range, that should give you a good idea of fit.
Measure your son or daughter’s height in centimetres (cms) if you can - it’s much more specific than age. If your poppet is 100 cms (for example) then we recommend size 3Y.
However, if you don’t know your son or daughter’s height - no worries! You can still use the age guide to help you make the perfect choice. In most cases we are “true to size” so you shouldn’t have any problems choosing a 3Y for your average 3-year-old, or 7Y for your average 7-year-old (for example).
But of course, not every bubba, boy or girl fits the same mould, so if a garment is slightly more relaxed in fit, or a little more fitted, we try to make that clear in our product descriptions. So please check those out. Sometimes we use models and we try to include their height and age and what size they are wearing - just for a little extra help!
Your feedback is really valuable to us, so if you write a review, you can help other mamas make the perfect choice.
UPSIZE? Sometimes, if you want to get an extra year’s wear out of a garment or if your child is “between” ages, you might wonder whether you should choose the next size up, or stay true to age (say your darling is 3.5Y, do you buy a size 3Y or a size 4Y?). We always bear this dilemma in mind, so if she’s heading to the next year, why not try upsizing?
That way you get even more wear out of your Oobi garment! And that’s a good thing! Because Oobi is designed to last.
How to measure your little one: If you don't have a tape measure, no worries! The BEST way to measure your child's height is to have them stand up super straight against a wall (no shoes) and mark the spot where the top of their head reaches the wall. Do this accurately by placing a ruler on top of their head and then marking where the ruler hits the wall. Then, use a ruler or tape measure to measure the wall! Clever, huh?

How to take care of me…

Be gentle, cold/warm machine wash using a mild detergent is best. 
I don’t like products with oxidants, bleaches or brighteners. 
If I am really bright I may have some surface dye, so try adding a little salt to the wash the first time to help keep my colour.
Please do not soak me or leave me wet in the machine… I know, sometimes a million things are going on at once. 
If I’m bright (and let's face it, I'm Oobi so I probably am!) dry me flat in the shade, the harsh sun will fade the print if you leave me out in the sunshine for too long.
Iron with a warm iron when needed. Inside-out is always best.
Sometimes I can be delicate. Garment bags are recommended if I have pom-poms, tulle, special trims or beading. Please do not iron these parts.
If I am washed correctly I should not shrink or stretch.
I'm robust and designed for PLAYING, DANCING, TWIRLING and TREE-CLIMBING.
I’m also designed to be handed down from sister to sister. Friend to friend, or cousin to cousin.
And I’m proud to say that every day someone shares a photo of a very much-loved garment that has withstood the test of time.
Basically, I am pretty amazing. And I hope you think so too.