Mastercard X Oobi - Watch Our "Priceless" Brand Story Brought to you by Mastercard

Thank you Mastercard for featuring Alex and Oobi! From selling in a market stall to running a successful e-commerce business, get to know more about the brand plus get a sweet 'Thank You' gift from them to you. 😍🍭

Almost 20 Years of Oobi!

At Oobi, we believe that a happy and magical childhood for all kids is priceless. We're honoured to create this film for Mastercard Priceless Cities cardholders.

The Oobi Team

The Oobi team really believes in what we do and I've been working with the same people for many, many years.

 The Oobi Community

Our community of mums and dads are not only interested in the clothing that we sell but also in the story that's behind it and our why's.

Customer Service
We listen to our customers when they ask for advise or help. Customer service is really crucial to a business and how the experience is for them in general.

Customer Feedback

We've gotten to know so many parents not only in Australia but also all over the world. Asking them questions and receiving feedback is really invaluable and by listening to customers, you'll always be sure to delight them.

Ethical Production and One-For-One-Donation

Right from the start, there were a few non negotiables, one of which is ethical production. We started off as an ethical and humane company and along the way, we also decided to start a one-for-one program and found Good360.

Thank you for supporting us in almost 2 decades of creating joy and magic for children - here's to at least another 2 more. ✨🍎

Alex xox

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