Sneaky-Snoo! Masks & Matchy-Matchy!

Hi unicorns :) , we want to give you an update - masks are coming this week and we're excited to share the pretties that will match the prints come summer so you can plan your summer outfits & dream of sunshine & fun.


Pretty and sweet florals make our sweet Ditsy Floral a divine print for your girly-girl. But it's not all sugar without spice - the pops of red and stunning bright blue, plus little hints of yellow, mean it's a universal print that will match with everything. Our matchy-matchy mask will feature this print, but with a clean, fresh white that mamas might really appreciate too.

Ditsy flower print


We're bringing back some lemon lovin' this summer with an all-new and SUPER adorable lemons print. Lovely Lemons is part of my "This is Australia" Collection which is a love story to our beautiful land. After the devastation of the fires last year, I was inspired to take some of my favourite childhood memories and love of our nature and create an Aussie collection. Lemons reminds me of my nanna's garden, GROANING with lemon trees.

Lemon print


Tropics is a burst of colour that will make your summer day even brighter. It's inspired by our tropical far north, those luscious plants in Queensland, the sultry nights, gorgeous flowers and sunshine almost all year round!

Flower print


The Jacaranda Tree print is a love story to the Australian landscape, nature and people. Those days when the jacarandas start to blossom and the skies are bright bright bright blue with firework bursts of pinky purple just blow me away.

Purple flower Wacaranda tree print


Sweet and elegant, our butterfly print is a gorgeous medley of florals and dainty butterflies reminiscent of the desert lands. The print is earthy and also a little magical - just like central Australia. A matching mask will come in pink, just to shake things up a little bit.

Floral tulle skirt

We hope you absolutely LOVE everything coming in Summer 2020. Which print are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below - we'd love to hear from you! ❤️

Alex &
The Oobis xox

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