The Magic of Childhood

When you're a grown up, making clothes for kids, you get to remember what it was like to be a kid, every day. All the magic and the fun... and the dress-ups, parties, make-believe.
Childhood is a time where everything is possible. Where every day something is there to be discovered or learned. And it's something magical, because even the simplest things are special because they're new and exciting.
The Magic Of Childhood  - Alex Design Notes | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion
Around a year ago we were approached by an organisation called Changing the Face of Beauty and we became friendly with one of their ambassadors, mum of Josee, Joelle. We also got to meet and chat with some of the incredible, passionate and dedicated advocates who are fighting every day to make sure that the world is inclusive. A world where we don't even think twice about it, we just are.
Joelle and I formed an online friendship (those are real!) and we talked about kids' clothing and inclusive advertising, I asked her some questions and she directed me to some amazing people who informed us about what childhood can mean for some kids, and some challenges that they face that others may never have to even consider. 
The Magic Of Childhood  - Alex Design Notes | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion
We sent Josee some garments for her input and her modelling skills, then we later wrote a blog story about her adventures across the globe (you can read more about Josee's adventures by reading our previous blog posts). We were lucky enough to be a small part of her world, and enjoyed hearing about what she was up to. It's been a big year!
But then Sprinkles the Unicorn happened and unicorns are magic. 
And Miss Josee is our perfect (and bear with me, because we thought this was a really catchy title)...
Ambassador of All Things Unicorn, and Head of Magic. 
(Rolls off the tongue, right?)
The Magic Of Childhood  - Alex Design Notes | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion
Josee's joy and her infectious smile and her happiness is overwhelming! I look at these photos I see the magic of childhood. Sprinkles the Unicorn doesn't like having the limelight taken away but I think Josee captured her good side!

Joelle, Josee's Mum said this:

For us the Unicorn is a symbol of togetherness. Choosing to find the magic and sparkle in our every day despite a diagnosis that can be confronting to hear and that society often excludes. 

The Unicorn is magical, mystical, fun and whimsical... Just like a day in the life of any child, even a child with Down syndrome. 

 Watching Josee in the photo shoot was wonderful. At first she was a little quiet but soon warmed up and by the end was giggling and laughing, blowing kisses and dancing.

 She loves opening all her Oobi parcels and this was no exception!

She oohed and ahhed over the dresses with lots of 'wows' and 'cool' ;) 

The fabrics were soft and gentle for her to wear and she certainly looked and acted as though they were very comfortable. 

Her big brother and sister were on hand for the photo shoot and helped out with props, adjusting her position and straightening her clothes, as well as making her laugh! 

I think Josee really enjoyed her time in the photo shoot and Dana's calm manner certainly helped her to remain calm and happy throughout.

The Magic Of Childhood  - Alex Design Notes | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion
Check out this Facebook Page:
Mum Catia (owner of Starting With Julius page) and I have had some great conversations. She is an absolute dynamo!
Photo Credit: Charlie's Bucket Queensland:
And how great is this - Joelle shared this amazing blog:

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