Care Instructions

How to take care of me…

Be gentle, cold machine wash using a mild detergent is best. 

I don’t like products with oxidants, bleaches or brighteners. 

If I am really bright I may have some surface dye, so wash me with salt the first time to help me keep my colour.

Please do not soak me or leave me wet in the machine… I know, sometimes a million things are going on at once.

If I’m bright! Dry me flat in the shade, the harsh sun will fade me if you leave me out in the sunshine for too long.

Iron me with a warm iron when needed. Inside-out is always best.

Sometimes I can be delicate. Garment bags are recommended if I have pom-poms, tulle, special trims or beading. Please do not iron these parts of me.

If I am washed correctly I should not shrink or stretch.

Because I am also robust and made for playing, dancing, twirling and tree-climbing.

I’m also designed to be handed down from sister to sister. Friend to friend, or cousin to cousin.

And I’m proud to say that every day someone shares a photo of a very much-loved garment that has withstood the test of time.

Basically, I am pretty amazing.