Hi there Mums,

Each and every new Collection, I love to write a little bit about the design process.

Every collection is like my new baby!

And every collection something quirky, different, or, let's face it, just a curve ball, comes up!!

This is the first season I have created a range with my brand new production manager (many of you will remember Bek, who I had worked with for alost 8 years, moved to the country for a tree-change). 

New collaborative partners mean a fresh new perspective, but also a challenge! Every detail has to be explained, taught, examined, discussed... It's a big process and very time consuming. But, amazingly, well... Stevan, who is Bek's best friend (and who has also worked with me for years!), stepped into the role without so much as a ripple! Stevan has a background in pattern making, fashion design and production too - studying alongside Bek back in the day - how cool is that?!

Whew. And I know right... How lucky am I?? 

Stevan knows me so well, knows how I work, and also knows our mums and retailers through years of working so closely with them too. So it's been a win-win - for everyone! In this new role however, Stevan has brought with him a fresh perspective, and the questions that always inevitably get asked - he makes me think about those things that we've 'just always done'. Let me tell you, this has been a great opportunity to shake things up a little!

That's where my vision comes in ;) and we certainly did 'shake things up' a little with our new range, Scandi Flower. 

Sweetheart Tee Shirt Navy Scandi Flowers

Sweetheart Tee Shirt in Navy Scandi Flower + Demi Skirt with Navy Bow

I'm all about colour (really, Al?) and I'm a retro girl at heart (another, really, Al?), so working on a Scandi style print design and recolouring it, re-making it and turning it into Oobi garments, was a thrill. We printed this bold, and really fun design, using the richest of colour, and also the MOST AMAZING fabric that is thick, luscious and warm for winter. Just wait until you touch and feel it - it's incredible.

Scandi Flowers Closeup

Scandi Flower Print Up Close

As the designer, my role is to create a collection of garments and to mix-and-match patterns and colours - whether my own original drawings, a vintage that I've recoloured and remade, or a collaboration. But I always like to remember to stay true to and keep in line with our 'Oobi Vibe'.

And that's why I've remade our "Sienna Dress" which I thought was absolutely perfect for the Scandi girl.

Sienna Dress

Sienna Dress Scandi Flower

Sienna is a beautifully fitted jersey bodice, with elastic through the waist for stretch and comfort. The front of the dress has a very retro lace detail that reminds me of my own childhood. It's threaded with velvet ribbon and I remember vividly having this exact same lace on a dress that my mum made me when I was a kid. The tiers of fabric, well, they "should" be all the same, I guess. But to my eye, mixing the prints makes the garment just so much more unique and special. 

Sienna Dress Navy Scandi Flowers

 Sienna Dress Scandi Flower

I'm obsessed with texture and the snuggli-ness (is that a word?) of our Bobble Cardigans, plus the little hand-made "marled" bobbles are so fun and so sweet. They have been colour-matched with our "Love Cats" and "Scandi" to perfectly compliment the range and work harmoniously together. Yep, you see what I did there?! Just so you don't have to think about it at all!!

Pink Bobble Cardigan and Darcy Dress in Navy Scandi Flowers

Darcy Dress Navy Scandi Flower + Pink Bobble Cardigan

The sunny and yet slightly 'earthy/mustardy' yellow of the Maxine cardigan is the perfect pick-up of the yellow in our prints, and brightens the whole look, if you want to make the outfit pop!

Mustard Maxine with Darcy Dress in Pink Scandi Flowers

Darcy Dress Pink Scandi Flower + Mustard Maxine Cardigan

Yes... you DO see new socks!!! And they’re going to be available early May! 

If you want to try something left-of-centre, our lilac tones work well, because of the way we mixed the dyes and chose the colours. The eye is tricked into thinking that the colours are blending together! Tiny amounts of lilac were added to the prints to ensure the cohesion between the two, and when we made the cardis, there was enough cream and pink in the mix, so that it would pretty much work with anything!

Sienna Dress in Navy Scandi Flowers and Lilac Maxine Cardigan

Sienna Dress + Lilac Maxine Cardigan

Anyone else study colour theory? Ha!

The Darcy dress is deceptively simple - jersey with a '60s style swing shape. Yet the shoulders have our "Flutter Tee" construction (yep, it's perfection!) and the added feature of a little tulle this time instead of lace. The hem of the dress has a very vintage cotton crochet lace and the pockets (gotta love a pocket!) are angled just 'so' for a bit of cuteness, and are a contrast for that little fun twist!

Darcy Dress in Navy Scandi Flowers

Darcy Dress Navy Scandi Flower 

Babies & toddlers are covered too in the cutest little romper called Misha. Misha is a warm, cosy and full-length romper with press studs for ease of wear. The fabric is perfect for breathe-ability, softness and 100% cotton stretch, which we achieve by using a special 'interlock' fabric (NOT adding a blend). So for that gentle and delicate baby skin, you can rest assured that there are no nasties added here. 

Misha Romper Navy Scandi Flowers and Mustard Maxine Cardigan

Misha Romper Navy Scandi Flower

And because who doesn't love a tutu (I do, I do!), I've made our Claudia dress with a full tulle skirt, sweet lace 'peek-a-boo-ing' at the hem, full cotton lining (no polyester here, no way!) and an elastic-waist for ease of wear. I'm really digging the richness of our navy mixed with pink. A classic and gorgeous colour combo! 

Claudia Dress Navy Scandi Flowers

Claudia Dress Navy Scandi Flower

As another sweet treat, you'll notice that if you've already got our cable knit tights or pom pom socks, they will match up perfectly - yippee! The deep tones of the pink look amazing, and the cream is literally, a no-brainer! 

Cream Jacquard Knit TightsKnee High Pink Pom Pom Socks

Cream Jacquard Knit Tights and Knee High Pink Pom Pom Socks

If you're looking for something new, then we have gorgeous new socks with pom-poms (can someone say... lilac?), tights & socks in mustards, blues and more, plus the sweetest new knee highs. Not too long to wait, they'll be in-store soon. Like the cardigans, every colour has been painstakingly mixed, chosen and developed to match in with your new pieces, but also work wonderfully with what you may have hanging in your Oobi wardrobe already.

Sneak peek

Want to know more about how I work, see our factory, check out how we hand-print our fabrics and get more behind-the-scenes? Check out our ethical production here.

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