Unicorn Magic

Days of magic and wonder... sparkle on with a little unicorn magic for your little one's wardrobe. We love to share a little bit of behind the scenes in our blog and hope you enjoy our sweet pictures and the lovely vibes of winter 2022.


Lena Dress - Sizes up to 9-10Y

Lena dress is a fairytale print with loads to discover. Your little one can fall into a spell with this print, and travel to far off lands in her mind. It's designed to inspire and prove that magic is real, and possible.


Magic Unicorn Bubble Skirt - Sizes up to 11-12Y

So fun and such an '80s vibe (best decade ever!), its perfect for all seasons and super-cute with the sweet little fairytale theme.


Aaliyah Magic Unicorn Pinni Dress - Sizes up to 11-12Y

Practical, adjustable, and with an elastic waist to transport this magical piece from winter to summer and back again. A short sleeve tee will make Aaliyah work for you in summer!


Snuggle Faux Fur Jacket - Sizes up to 11-12Y

Nobody quite knows if a unicorn has fur but, well, if she did, it'd definitely be pink and FABULOUS! Fairytales, magic and fun, all rolled into one furry little snuggly wonder.

 Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our new release. We hope you love it and can't wait to see the photos you share!

Love, Alex & The Oobis xox

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