Wild Hearts

Hi Everyone,

It's sort of (yeah, I said sort of) my favourite time of year. I know winter's coming (meh) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to design winter clothing and I love swimming against the tide and creating beautifully bright, bold and happy prints - even when the weather is gloomy!

We are definitely obsessed with the oversized bold flowers, hand-drawn hearts and sweet little gingham touches on the NEW Wild Hearts print! I've created a few styles that will cross over from winter to summer and back again, and I think our Wild Hearts print is so versatile!


The Phoebe Pinafore is a great example of a piece that you can wear now with long sleeves and tights, or wear later with short sleeves and a pair of sneakers or sandals. A gal's always happy with that!

Pockets too... obvs. We're not monsters! Keep on keeping on for more info about our ahhhhh-mazing new socks and tights like the ones above!

Flower dress for girls Flower dress for girls

Angelina Dress - Sizes up to 9-10Y

Our Angelina dress is elegant, beautiful and made from a super high quality printed cotton which makes it perfect for layering. With a zipper back and sash ties to complete the look (or nip it in) it's easy-to-wear and fits like a dream. Plus... we've included pockets (am I repeating myself? Haha) for ultimate happiness!

Winter dress for girls

Margot Hat is available in Wild Hearts too for a perfect match! And I'm a bit obsessed with oversized gingham at the moment. And little pops of mustard - like in our cute-cutie new tights!

There are a few prints that I feel are so fresh and perfect for winter that I've reprinted them to add a few gorgeous new looks for winter. 

Our Babydoll Dress just goes BOOM! with the addition of loads and loads of sparkly tulle! It's hard to find amazing and versatile party wear that can be worn with boots and dressed down, or dressed up with tights and ballet flats AND look great in winter.

Desert Butterfly was inspired by the Australian desert - when the rains come and the air is filled with thousands of earth coloured butterflies, with pretty little hints of pink.

And Navy Jumble is an absolute riot of bright colours, like corals and fishes in the ocean - the backdrop of navy makes the colours look otherworldly and ethereal. PLUS look at that night sky sparkle! I'm in love.

Socks and tights are always fun for me to make too because I make sure to pick up on the distinct colours in so many prints. In this way, even if it's a navy print, you'll find that our new Vintage pink works really well. Conversely, the plums which I created to match with the plum knitwear and Jacaranda print, ALSO look amazing with Desert Butterfly. See both ways above.

And then there's mustard yellow - is that fast becoming Oobi's version of 'neutral'? Haha probably, I love colour!


The socks and tights featured in these photos are coming soon. The floods and torrents of the rains in NSW have delayed our production but they're due in-store in late May and we'll have them online as soon as we can! Make sure you're signed up for Oobi News or join our VIP group (I'm ALWAYS THERE - love it!) to be the first to know.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you got all the way here, you're a legend! 

Love, Alex & the Oobis xox

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