Our Easter Sale is Hopping! Not only are select past-seasons of Easter and Knitwear MASSIVELY reduced, but we also have WEB-HOUSE (that's warehouse but online!) sale items here too.
WEB-HOUSE items are Marked "MISLABELLED" or "SECOND" so please read the descriptions very carefully to avoid disappointment. Mislabelled Garments will have their tags clipped and size labels removed but there is nothing else wrong with them, they are beautiful and high-quality dresses your little bunny will LOVE.
If the garment is a SECOND we will also mark it that way with a full description of what we see as a potential issue. In this case,  you will see a HUGE discount. However, please understand, we cannot accept returns on these items as they are seconds or unreleased items. However, we feel that these garments are GREAT quality and GREAT value! Please read the descriptions and you'll be able to decide if the piece is suitable for you 

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