Testimonials | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion


"I like to introduce new Mums to Oobi as its so lovely and much nicer than all the things in shops!"


"Thank you so much for getting back to me, I would like to send our thanks for your new website and beautiful little girls clothes, I am so blessed to have two little girls to be able to dress in your clothes, very sweet. I also love that you have a program that helps children less fortunate than our own, this is another reason I buy clothes from your company, I think its just fantastic!"


"Wonderful customer service. Thank you so very much. I will definitely be ordering all of my upcoming pressies from Oobi now. Overwhelmed with gratitude! Have a fantastic day!"


"I have received my parcel today and totally in love with all the items! Thank you for the lovely gift. Will definitely be back for more.


"Thank you for the items I have received over the last two orders. They are gorgeous! Happy Day!"


"We love your hats - they are the best!"


"Keep up the designing. We are a very Oobi family after 10 years now. New baby due 2nd September-I hope it is a girl to wear all pretty Oobi outfits."


"Thank you, we just love our OOBI…"


"Oobi shopping always makes me happy.""


"From little things big things grow.... Something so beautiful and happy! Making little girls and their mummy's smile and feel part of something wonderful. Making our girls feel happy, safe, secure and confident in themselves is so important and you lovely lady are doing that for many, many little ladies. You are more than a designer of pretty clothes to us Alex... You are like part of our family and both myself and the girls love coming to visit you and the gang at the parties. Thank you."


“When looking at a website lifts your mood. This brand does more than make gorgeous clothes. They make me feel something, like a child again, where I used to get lost in an imaginary land of my own. Where anything was possible. Where it was always happy. We actually only have about 6 oobi items, they are a treasure.”


Oobi is all about kids being kids, Letting them be little in a world that wants them to grow up to fast.

Marie Eve Laflamme

I recently cam back from NZ and decided to dress my 2 daughters in Oobi...I love your brand and may the brightness of it never fade!

Hayley Richardson

Honestly just the quality of everything is why i love Oobi from the fabrics to the stitching, I have never seen such quality of children's clothing until i found Oobi. 

Selina Lee

I love that Oobi is age appropriate which can be hard to come by

Sarah Birchmore

We love Oobi, They are classic cuts and timeless prints


Oobi's motto let them be little embraces the fun of childhood!

Pete Binfield

Poppie loves picking up her red and white bags from the post office and over the past 5 years been quite a few!

Kafula Olsen

I honestly Love Love Love the little birdy tulle dress. The dress is SO soft and beautifully made. The tulle is just gorgeous, beautiful layers with a gorgeous trim, perfect for twirling and the colours are stunning. 

Rita Cha Cha 

I am in love with everything ! Your clothes are Art

Carol Connolly 

Just received my order ! Thank you for such fast and efficient service. Loved the clothes i will certainly be purchasing more for Oobi  



Sizing Guide
Our Sizing Height of Child
3M / 00 64cm - 72cm
6M / 0 72cm - 80cm
12M/1Y 80cm - 86cm
18M 86cm - 92cm
2Y 92cm - 98cm
3Y 98cm - 104cm
4Y 104cm - 110cm
5Y 110cm - 116cm
6Y 116cm - 122cm
7Y 122cm - 128cm
8Y 128cm - 134cm
9Y 134cm - 140cm
10Y 140cm - 146cm
11Y 146cm - 152cm
12Y 152cm - 158cm
13Y 158cm - 164cm