Top Tips on How to Keep Sun-Safe This Summer!

September 17, 2018

Girl in a pink flower ruffle swimsuit

Summer time is almost here! Your little ones are probably excited to swim and play in the sun and so are we. While it's a given that kids will play and have fun under the sun, it's also important to make sure that they are well protected whilst swimming and playing in the water.

Girl in a pink flower ruffle swimsuit

Mimsy Pink Diamond Flower Swimsuit

Here are some things to keep in mind when kids are out and about in the sun:

1) Wear protective clothing

Girl in a pink flower hat and ruffle swimsuit

Bridgette Pink Seashell Hat+ Pink Seashell SPF50 Adjustable Ruffle Swimsuit

For babies less than six months, it's recommended to keep him or her out of the sun. A wide-brimmed hat, long sleeved tops and pants, and sunglasses can help protect them from the sun's harmful UV rays.


2) Wear sunscreen or sunblock

Girl in a pink flower cross back bikini top and tutu bikini bottoms

Pink Diamond Flower X Back Bikini Top + Pink Diamond Flower Tutu Bikini Bottoms

For babies older than 6 months, applying broad-spectrum and water-resistant sunscreen/sunblock offers sun protection. "Natural" sunblocks such as those made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are considered safer for children as these are gentler on kids' skin. Make sure to re-apply every 2 hours or more often if your little one is swimming or perspiring.


3) Wear sun-safe swimwear

Girl in a pink flower swim rashie, tank top, and swim shorts

Short Sleeve Pink Diamond Flower Rashie + Pink Diamond Flower Tank Top + Pink Diamond Flower Retro Bikini Bottoms

Wearing sun-safe swimwear is the best way to protect your kids's skin from the sun's UV rays. It's easy to wear and convenient too! Our swimwear for girls is SPF50+, chlorine-resistant, AND never see-through. PLUS they come in bright and fun designs.

Girl in a pink flower hat, pink flower ruffle bikini top, and green flower swim shorts

Bridgette Pink Seashell Hat + Pink Seashell Ruffle Bikini Top + Mermaid Seaflower Swim Shorts

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 Girl in a pink flower tank top

Pink Diamond Flower Tank Top

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