It's like Monet's Garden...

Watercolour swatch
I've been having a lot of fun, working with new swimwear makers and enjoying the creative flow that happens when you work with people that just "get you".

And by "get you" I mean be really, really patient with me 🤦‍♀️! Because over quite a few weeks we have dyed hundreds of swatches, creating a 'watercolour' effect for this pretty floral. I just had a vision in my head and honestly, I couldn't rest until we got this right - until this idea of "Monet's Garden" was realised. 

I wanted to show you a video so that you can see the amazing effect we managed to create by using a new technique which is a mixture of hand-painting and printing. We were all a bit excited when we got this final result, and it was obvious that very second that THIS would be our new floral print for swimwear. 

I mean... wouldn't you get a bit squealy and excited too? Haha. High 5's all round that day! 

Watercolour swimsuit

This pretty swimsuit is SPF50 (of course) and is a new fit and style suitable for all body types. Previously, some slender girls have found they needed to downsize, but our new swimwear should be perfect for all, with a good amount of ease. I've made sizes up to 12Y in this pretty piece, plus others, which we'll share soon!
Watercolour swimsuit

And I guess when you make a print as pretty as this, you just HAVE to create a tutu swimsuit. There's just a small amount of tulle with a generous ruffle, that will make swimming practical and easy, while still looking ballet-perfect. Sizes up to 8Y.

Our "Monet's Garden" collection of swimwear PLUS dresses, hats, jersey and more, will be available in October. More sneak peeks to come soon!

Love (and colour!),
Alex xox

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