December 04, 2017


The amazing Petite Interior Co X Oobi capsule collection launches tomorrow, Tuesday the 5th of December at 9am on the website. Pieces are limited edition.

Holly Blush Polkadot Bubble Skirt, Sizes in 2Y - 12Y - Online Tomorrow!
Pastel Blue Organic Bodysuit, Sizes in 2Y - 8Y - Online Tomorrow!
Belinda, you’re an incredible designer of children’s bedroom and interior spaces & homewares, have you ever considered designing fashion before?
Belinda: Not really! I mean, there's always that little voice in the back of your head that says, 'I wish someone would make XYZ' but I don't think it's something that I would have pursued on my own. My mum was a ladies fashion designer in the 80's and I spent all of my school holidays making clothes for my Barbie dolls on the factory floor from the fabric scrap bins. I was exposed to the fashion industry from this young age and have always admired what it takes to get a collection designed and manufactured. It's certainly not an easy task!
Belinda: Partnering with a brand like Oobi, which I've had a long association with, was the perfect opportunity for me to try something a little bit different and I think the collection has turned out beautifully.  
Alex: I knew Bel would be amazing at it, just quietly! That was never a concern.
Alex, you've been designing girls' fashion and fabrics for 15 years, what made you decide to collaborate on a collection after all this time?

Asher Blush Polkadot Dress, Sizes in 2Y - 12Y - Online Tomorrow!
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Alex: Well, the thing is that it's important to keep an open mind and heart when you're designing. I love Bel's aesthetic and we've always 'meshed' together on other projects. It just felt like a no-brainer. Our styles are complimentary but also different and I just knew that we'd both bring something fresh and new to the table.
Alex: There would be no point me collaborating with a street fashion or surfwear label. In the past I've collaborated with artisans and designers and even Colette Hayman from the famous "Colette" stores, Illustrators and other designers but only on smaller ranges or single items. And each time I've learned something and had an experience that was enriching, not just for me, but for the other designer and that's what it's all about.
How did you feel when you saw the first samples?

Asher Pastel Blue Polkadot Dress, Sizes in 2Y - 12Y - Online Tomorrow!
Belinda: I was a bit emotional, I must admit! I bought my first Oobi dress from Mamas home in Brisbane back in 2011. It was the first dress I had ever bought for Holly and it was such as special moment as the mum of a little girl. So when I saw the samples, I remembered that dress so clearly and it was incredible to think that I was partnering with a brand that has had such an important role in my daughters lives so far.
Belinda: We've owned many Oobi dresses since then and I will always associate them with the special moments in my daughters lives. Birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. The samples were really more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and I was even more thrilled to see the girls getting excited about the pieces. I knew we had the design right when the girls were desperate to wear them! 
Alex, were you nervous showing the first samples to Belinda?

Holly Blush Polkadot Bubble Skirt, Sizes in 2Y - 12Y - Online Tomorrow!
Pastel Blue Organic Bodysuit, Sizes in 2Y - 8Y - Online Tomorrow!
Alex: Boy was I! We worked so well together on all the design processes and had really brainstormed backwards and forwards, throwing ideas and suggestions out there, so I knew what Bel wanted and she knew what I wanted! But it's different when the pieces actually go into pattern making and sampling. It's like... "here we go, there's no turning back"
And I swear my hands were sweating a little, and I couldn't wait to see her reaction! Especially because I was so happy and so excited and if she hadn't loved it I would have died. And the thing too, and this is important, I really respect her aesthetic and her judgement, so if she didn't like it, I would have scrapped it and started again!
What did your daughters think when they knew that you and Alex had designed a collection?

Belinda Blush Polkadot Pinni, Sizes in 2Y - 8Y - Online Tomorrow!
Belinda: They thought it was very exciting and immediately asked when they could wear the pieces! It was nice to see them get excited about the clothes because at 5 and 7, they are starting to get quite fussy about what they wear. Since then they've had a few opportunities to wear the clothes and it's great to see they are as comfortable as they are beautiful. 
Alex: The girls really shine in their new dresses. You can see just how special they feel and you can see all the love that went into the designs, from a mother to a daughter.
Alex: And I knew that the pieces had to be named after the muses for the range, Bel's daughters Holly and Asher. And of course I was a bit sneaky and called the Pinafore after the gorgeous Belinda too! 
How would you describe the collection?

Asher Blush Polkadot Dress, Sizes in 2Y - 12Y - Online Tomorrow!
Asher Pastel Blue Polkadot Dress, Sizes in 2Y - 12Y - Online Tomorrow!

Alex: It's sweet and retro, with an elegant construction. The colours are subtle and delicate - and the strong polkadot really sets off the colours. I love it!
Alex: The pieces are easy-wear but really feminine and I feel like there's a real 1950s feeling to it (of course that's my passion!) but with a really fun twist with the bubble hem and the fluttery little sleeve and back feature of the pinafore. The Asher dress is a dream too and really that's the most retro piece, that is pure vintage style with absolutely modern construction for fit and form.
Alex: And I'd also describe it as 'harmonious' - you can just see that there is an ease to the range and that's because nothing was forced, it was just simple and clear right from the start.
Belinda: I think the collection is feminine and fun with a dash of sophistication. The small spot on the pastels is perfect for mixing and matching. You could easily add a black tee or tights for a tween or keep things light and pastel for younger girls. We used my two favourite pastel colours for the pieces, which are sort of iconic Petite Interior Co. colours. When coming up with ideas for the collection, I tried to think of how I would describe my interiors and I kept coming back to two words. Timeless and fun. I think the same two words really apply to the collection too! 
Alex: Timeless and fun, that's brilliant, I wish I'd said that because I agree 100%
What was the most fun part about designing the range?

Holly Blush Polkadot Bubble Skirt, Sizes in 2Y - 12Y - Online Tomorrow!
Pastel Blue Organic Bodysuit, Sizes in 2Y - 8Y - Online Tomorrow!
Belinda: Working with Alex was definitely the highlight, but second to that was just the challenge of seeing if I could really turn my creativity towards something other than interiors. I think I know children pretty well now, so I was excited to see if I could create something that they would love to wear. Alex really per her trust in me and I think we've come up with a collection that truly reflects the Petite Interior Co. look while still being classically Oobi. It's a lovely combination! 
Alex: Can I just say "same" here? It was a highlight working with Belinda too, and I'm pleased that she put her trust in me! And I love that what has come out of the collection is Classic Petite Interior Co and Classic Oobi - that's quite an achievement I think.
What are you most excited about?

Belinda Kurtz for Petite Interior Co (left) and Alexandra Riggs for Oobi (right)
Belinda: I'm excited to see if my followers love the collection as much as we do! Fashion and Interiors are so closely linked, I really hope that they can feel the Petite Interior Co. style influence in each piece. At the same time, I really hope that the Oobi audience love it just as much! It's a bit of a different look for the brand but I think they are going to love it! 
Alex: I cannot wait to see the Oobi girls wearing the new range and I know a lot of their mamas have said that these pieces will be their Christmas day outfits (that is such an honour!!!). And I'm also really excited to meet a new audience of mums too, Petite Interior's customers and supporters, who I'm sure are going to be so over the moon with their pieces.
Not everyone would be lucky enough to have Bel create a room or magical space for them, but owning a piece of the collaboration collection is available to almost everyone.
Anything else you’d like to add?

Alexandra Riggs for Oobi (left and) Belinda Kurtz for Petite Interior Co (right) 

Belinda: Just how much of an honour if was for Alex to ask me to create this collection with her. To have such an iconic brand put their trust into my brand is definitely a career highlight for me. I hope it's the first of many collabs to come! 
Alex: Yep! Just one thing... Can we do it again soon?!

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