Oobi Winter 2016

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The rain only just held off for our Oobi-Licious party on Saturday to launch “Into the Woods” our winter 2016 girl’s fashion range. Launch parties at Oobi are always a lot of fun and this party was no exception. More than 100 people joined us at our studio/showroom in Sydney - and as they say, the more the merrier!


Our parties are a beautiful “mum and daughter” bonding experience and it was also great to see dads and sons there too. The boys pooled forces and hung out together while the girls played dress ups and hula hooped their way through a great Saturday.

Colours were flying everywhere as girls were trying on dresses and coats and spinning and twirling in their warm winter clothing, pretty dresses and new tights. “Mum, look at me, look at me!” Everyone was showing off their new winter clothes and we loved to see how much fun they had.

Colouring in and hula hooping were part of the day’s activities and we were also amazed to see how many little Oobis took to our collection of vintage books, discovering Enid Blyton or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is always a special joy to see the girls flex their creative muscles too and colour in so beautifully, and this season our new unicorn print “Sprinkles" was turned into some major works of art!


Although we’re still vacuuming popcorn out of the carpet and we’re sure we’ll find a few bits of fruit and bikkies behind the couch tomorrow, we had a great time and we’re always so happy to share our Oobi World and have our space filled with happy, smiling and excited kids.

Check out our newsletters this week and next week where we'll add more pics, and if you're not a member of our community FB page "Little Oobi Scrapbook" join us there!


It's loads of fun for sharing and chatting. And for the mamas who made it to the party, feel free to share your pics with us at hello@oobi.com.au!

Love, Alex & The Oobis

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