Another BIG congratulations to Oobi Mamas Robyn and Mandie who won VIP tickets to Melbourne's The Little Runway Kids Fashion Week!
It looked like Robyn and Mandie had a ball!
Robyn was kind enough to share her Children's Fashion Week Experience with us....


I was a tad excited to head off to see The Little Runway fashion parade tonight. The last fashion parade I attended had Claudia Schieffer as the headline model, i had no kids (and a better body for it) and the event had champagne and women were ready to party at 9pm (instead of dreaming of bed). Yep! A lot has changed between fashion parades for me, with kids fashion replacing champagne with pink lemonade, fairy floss and popcorn it is just as good.


For tonight's parade not only gave me a night off from the kids (always a bonus) but it showcased all the beautiful prints Alex has been working on for this summers collection and I was reminded all over again why I originally fell in love with Oobi.


Watching little girls walking down a runway in Oobi is like watching a reel of what you loved about being a little girl yourself. It's carefree, its vibrant and it's OH so girlie. Lace, bows and frills (check) colours that scream "spring is here" (check) and little girls twirling and walking down the run way like they were princesses (check).


I also got to meet the gorgeous Alex and Bek (icing on the cake) and see up close the fabric and prints on these beautiful quality designs that photos just can't do justice. For me Alannah Hill merged with Lalaloopsy tonight and she cartwheeled into a field of flowers surrounded by butterflies. That's what i love about Oobi and I can't wait to see my girls in all these Oobi-licious pieces.

xx Robyn

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