Book Week Costumes and Magical Inspiration… The Joy of Reading and Creating

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What costume is your Little Oobi wearing for Bookweek? It’s bigger than Halloween this year we think!

What we love about childhood is the sense of wonder. The sense of excitement - magic castles and purple elephants! Slip and slides and candy rides! Who wouldn't want to be lost in a fairytale? This year Book Week Australia is about 'Story Country' . 

Australia is a country rich with history; the dreamtime, summertime, fun-time lifestyle keeps us striving for better. Children are the future and their little Oobi brains need to be nurtured. 

At Oobi we find inspiration in the littlest of places...

Our mum's are a creative tribe. We love that! They never cease to amaze us with their imaginative spirit. What tales spark interest for you and your Oobi?

Is it Ruby Red Shoes? Frozen? (I know it's not technically a book, but :) ... do you want to build a snowman?). Peppa Pig? Dora the Explorer? Thelma the Unicorn? Is it Winne the Pooh? Pippi Longstockings? Whatever it is, there is this fondness for a particular time in our lives.

Clothing brings about memories. Have you ever found an old sweater in your closet and are reminded of a time when that was the sweater? What about a favourite Halloween costume? I can think of a few off the top of my head. But costumes are not just for Halloween! No siree! Having a princess crown or angel wings at your disposal is not a bad thing! :)

Clothes can bring us back... A red sock with pom poms. A hat you watch fly off in the wind. A dress caught by the grass and leaves. A tote to carry all your lovely treats as you stroll home in your little red cape...

At Oobi we believe clothing is a portal to a magical land of possibilities. Meet us in that space. 

If you are not familiar with #bookweek2016... 
Each year, across Australia, The CBCA brings children and books together celebrating Children’s Book Week. During this time Schools, Libraries, Booksellers, Authors, Illustrators and children celebrate Australian Children's Literature.
During this time you will often see Children's Book Character Parades and talented librarians creating amazing displays. 

*except at Oobi 

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