Hi Mamas, thanks for taking the time to read my blog - I love to write about design and the process behind how we make all the pretty dresses and swimwear for Oobi and I know a lot of you love to read them too (sometimes a few times) and I'm grateful for that support! 

I'm really crushing on the Mermaid Seaflower and Seashell Pink floral prints we've made this summer. There's something really special about a tiny delicate little flower (but one that's got a bit of oomph, right?!) and the minute I started recolouring this print I kept thinking about an underwater garden... 

So of course this print became the basis for my swimwear line (SPF50, Chlorine Resistant, Long/Hard Wearing, Totally Opaque...) Oh, sorry, you've heard me bang on about this already? Well it is, and we are stoked by the quality and how 'sun safe' it is. 

And this pretty floral print did become the 2nd of my swimwear collections and we're really thrilled with the result! And a big thank you to my "think tank" because I could not have designed swimwear and leotards without asking them a MILLION questions and they were all so generous to offer advice and help. Where is my think tank? Our Oobi VIP Group on Facebook - that's where I get all my mum help! To be honest, I don't think that it would ever have occurred to me to add a little bit of tulle to the bikini bottoms and thanks to that piece of advice I think that our bikini is just the girliest, prettiest and flippiest (that's not a word right, I use it ALL the time) piece for your beach babe!

I've also designed and created some pretty garments (dresses, hats, tees, leggings, leotards, bodysuits and more) to be worn beach and party side and the other great part is that we've made the range organic. I love to create organic garments but it's been a little while so I'm really happy that we're able to do that again.

We are totally crushing on Leos right now (side note, I heard that mamas are calling leotards Leos and my Godson is called Leo so... I get to secretly refer to him now all the time - LOVE!). I've made it as a bodysuit with a snap crotch for the bubbas. Nice and practical - and being organic, you can be comfortable and happy that it's the best quality for your precious bub.

I really wanted to make pieces that could be mixed-and-matched so all the swimwear can be mixed up however you like, and then you can choose your own adventure with hats and cover-ups because everything goes. 

Theoretically these two prints shouldn't 'work' together as the Mermaid (teal) colour is so much deeper than the Seashell (pink) colour - but they are harmonious I think and I love how unexpected it is to have them together. I mean look at our Amber dress - this should not work, but I think that it does! 

As a side note, we are also so in love with the photos you've been sharing of your little ones splashing about in their Oobi Retro Rainbow swim. You have no idea how happy it makes us seeing your daughters with those big smiles, hair wet and tangled from the sea, ice-cream faces... Just heaven! 

And as it gets warmer, I know that you'll (please, please) share more! And you know if you join us in the Oobi VIP Group on Facebook you can share away to your heart's content (it's a private group) and then we'll share for you on social so you don't have to! We chat in there, I am in there daily (hourly, secondly?) and we really have a lot of fun. I encourage you to join us and become an even bigger part of our community. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog and thank you too for your support and your generosity on social media with your lovely comments and feedback. We read it all and hope that we manage to reply to everyone but if we miss you, shout out loud and we'll be there to help.

Al x

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